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posted over 6 years ago

Job Description

Job description


Here's what you'll need to succeed:

  1. Confidence: Demonstrate the ability to show they can perform their job well, both for MMI and for the jobseeker/candidate. With confidence, recruiters will begin to develop the reputation that they can be trusted to deliver results.
  2. Marketing skills: Know how to sell services. As with the previous point, this concerns both clients and MMI. Besides marketing him or herself enough to find and keep a job, it is also important to be able to sell compelling candidates to an organization’s hiring team.
  3. Target-driven: Focused on achieving results. This translates to focusing specifically on the number of people hired in a given period of time


  1. Relationship-building skills: Strong interpersonal skills. Have the interest and energy to interact with people all day long.
  2. Communication skills: Exude professionalism at all times. Ensure that all conversation, whether in person, on the phone, or over email, is clear, mature and professional.
  3. Multitasking: Ability to be in touch with many prospective employees, Desk/Sales Managers and clients simultaneously. Great recruiters can handle this correspondence load without becoming overwhelmed.
  4. Time management skills: Ability to prioritize efforts. From scheduling interviews to conducting internet searches, know when to move from task to task in order to deliver results.
  5. Speed: Understand the need to act quickly on requisitions. Clients move fast, and any hesitation or uncertainty in the recruiting process is likely to lead to a position being filled elsewhere.
  6. IT and social media skills: Ability to stay current with social media practices and reach out to candidates using these networks.
  7. Leadership skills: While recruiting can often seem like a competitive, individualistic field, at the end of the day it is a team of recruiters that often delivers results to larger companies. Great recruiters know how and when to work with others and manage collective tasks in order to find the best candidate for the job.


Account Manager


Mitchell/Martin Inc. (MMI) is a profitable full service staffing firm. Our fine reputation of delivering quality service over 25 years and profitable balance sheet has recently expanded our Health Care staffing business. Due to MMI’s reputation and strong commitment to quality standards and practices, MMI has secured more client contracts and need talent to support and service them. The Company’s rapid growth has our CEO extremely motivated to add additional talent to our team! MMI has received numerous accolades, including *Fastest Growing* and *Branch of the Year* by two of the industry’s leading publications. In 2012 we were awarded Accreditation status for our Health Care Staffing Services by The Joint Commission. Seize the opportunity to join this award-winning organization. We currently have openings in our New York City and Central New Jersey office locations. Please review our website: to learn more about MMI.

Job Description

Sourcing New Business

* Identify creative ways to source viable clients

* Recognize trends and expand upon changing market conditions
* Attend industry related functions to increase networking opportunities while gaining valuable knowledge
* Obtain viable vendor contracts from health care delivery centers, MSPs through marketing / prospecting

* Devise and implement marketing strategies in order to obtain job orders from healthcare clients

* Maintain a high standard of service within new and existing accounts to ensure continued business

* Cold calling on hiring managers within the healthcare space to ensure division growth

Recruiting Candidates

Will fully train successful Account Managers on staff development and recruitment functions in order to:

* Manage the entire lifecycle recruitment process

* Identify and acquire talent via job boards, social networking, referrals, etc.
* Conduct in-depth interviews to get to know candidates and their skill set
* Match talent to client hiring incentives

* Maintain candidate pool for future hires to ensure quick submissions to client